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Mariusz Kamiński
Ul. Jagiellońska 15
41-902 Bytom

Opening hours: Monday–Friday — from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Saturday — closed

Contact our warehouse:

phone: +48 32 3881228 
Sales department — extensions: 21,22 or 23
Complaints department — extension 24

cell: +48 513835578
phone/fax: +48 32 3881222


phone: +48 32 3881228, extension 24

Technical matters:

phone/fax: +48 32 3881228, extension 24

Other warehouses:



Sales representatives - the warehouse:



ul. Jagiellońska 15/7
41-902 Bytom

Opening hours:
Monday–Friday — from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Saturday — closed


phone/fax: +48 32 3881222 magazyn@annapol.pl

Information for foreign wholesale 

Information to our wholesale customers, starting trade cooperation

Prior to the first purchase, a customer being an “economic entity” is obliged to provide us with copies of the following documents:

  1. A copy of an Entry in the Court Register or a business registration certificate
  2. NIP/Tax identification number

The aforementioned documents shall be submitted via email to annapol@annapol.com or handlowy@annapol.pl
Alternatively, you can submit the documents by regular post, in person to our registered office or by fax to +48 32 3881222

A customer is assigned to a group of WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS the moment the aforesaid documents have been submitted.

There are several price groups in our system. At first, you will be assigned to the Wholesale price group. In the course of development of our cooperation, the discount will systematically be increased.

You can also negotiate prices on bulk orders! Do not hesitate to call us or contact us in writing.

Ordering - how to make the first purchase

How to purchase – click here

We encourage the customers willing to enter into cooperation with our company to agree to receive our Newsletter and text messages while opening an account at our warehouse at http://www.annapol.com/create_account.php?language=en In such a way, you will be informed on our promotional offers on an ongoing basis. Information on any new products in our offer will also be sent through our newsletter or, if need be, through text messages.

Available methods of payment - obtaining a deferred payment plan

The basic form of settlement with F.H.U. ANNAPOL is cash payment (cash on delivery, prepayment by a wire transfer).

A customer can obtain a deferred payment plan (this applies exclusively to Polish companies):

  1. After making five cash purchases of the net value exceeding PLN 500 each
  2. After signing and submitting to the registered office of the company a secure Promissory Note in blank, which shall be valid for three years from the day of payment
  3. After signing and sending back the promissory note agreement

Payment may be deferred for a period of time starting from 7 days, at most for 30 days. In exceptional circumstances, it can be deferred for 55 days.

Customers from outside Poland are allowed to purchase only against payment on a pro-forma basis, an Order may be sent for execution before the payment has been credited to our account provided the customer sends us payment confirmation.

Transfers can be made both in PLN and in EUR.

Methods of payment available to wholesale customers – bank account numbers - click here

Warranties and returns – click here

Delivery and reception of the merchandise:

  1. The ordered goods will be delivered to the address provided by the Purchaser. Usually, the order lead time is 2-3 working days or up to 5 working days depending on the mode of delivery chosen and on the availability of products.
  2. If the given goods are unavailable form stock or from the manufacturer, the Purchaser will be informed about this fact immediately. As a result, the lead time may be extended or the order may be cancelled. 
  3. In case the Purchaser finds out that the merchandise is damaged at its reception, they should fill out a damage report in the presence of the delivery agent including the date and time of the delivery and a description of damages or missing items. In case the package is damaged, make sure that the boxes in the section “the state of the outer package” in the damage protocol are checked properly, that is according to the factual findings.
  4. Complaints related to short or damaged deliveries have to be reported immediately, not later than on the day of delivery, requests submitted on other days will not be taken into account.

Large quantities of goods are also sent using the services of the companies DHL and DACHSER.

In case of shipping abroad, please contact us at: annapol@annapol.com

In consideration of the best interest of the Customer and of the security of the parcels sent, all the parcels are additionally insured.  If the need arises, the purchaser, who covers the costs of delivery, is allowed to suggest another agent for delivery of their parcel.

Costs of delivery for wholesale customers – click here

A possibility of tracking the status of your parcel:

 track the status of your parcel

 track the status of your parcel

Information on our company – click here

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