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Mariusz Kamiński
Ul. Jagiellońska 15
41-902 Bytom

Opening hours: Monday–Friday — from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Saturday — closed

Contact our warehouse:

phone: +48 32 3881228 
Sales department — extensions: 21,22 or 23
Complaints department — extension 24

cell: +48 513835578
phone/fax: +48 32 3881222


phone: +48 32 3881228, extension 24

Technical matters:

phone/fax: +48 32 3881228, extension 24

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Sales representatives - the warehouse:



ul. Jagiellońska 15/7
41-902 Bytom

Opening hours:
Monday–Friday — from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Saturday — closed


phone/fax: +48 32 3881222 magazyn@annapol.pl

News and Site Information.
XML changes, integrations   Date: Friday, 11 September 2020

We would like to inform you that yesterday, in order to improve the functionality of XML files, the files were corrected so that it works better in your systems.
At the same time, we apologize for the problems that occurred yesterday.
Below is a description of the content of a given XML file in the YOUR ACCOUNT tab (for companies that have been activated, companies that want to integrate with us, please write a request to integracja@annapol.pl then such a file will be individually activated and informed about its activation)
There are three XML files:
There are categories and sub-categories in the file below
https: //www.annapol.com/xml-categories.php? user=mariusz@annapol.pl&hash=2016ddbb7e8 .....
The following file contains warehouse quantities, individual customer prices and promotional prices (promotional prices can be found only in this file)
https: //www.annapol.com/xml-stock.php? user=mariusz@annapol.pl&hash=2016dd17f29dbb .........
The following file includes descriptions, photos, stock quantities, categories, Ean codes and individual prices of a given customer, etc. Note in this file, there is promotional prices
https: //www.annapol.com/xml-products.php? user=mariusz@annapol.pl&hash=2016f229db7e8 ......
In the case of the integration of our offer in, for example: baselinkier, allegro, ebay, redcart, sky-shop, shoper, sStore, mgo, cStore, Sellasist.
In the Key / Hash / Api / XML field, enter: Your HASH key located in the YOUR ACCOUNT tab where the XML Price List field contains the required key.
We use the third file from the top (with the entry products) example: https: //www.annapol.com/xml-products.php? User=mariusz@annapol.pl&hash=2016d ............. .
However, in the Login field, enter: Your email address used to create the account.



Despite our best efforts we cannot guarantee that the published materials are free of errors or discrepancies. However, these oversights cannot be a basis for any claims. Photos of products listed on the website annapol.pl, may slightly differ from the actual look of goods that are currently on sale. In case of any doubts please contact FHU ANNAPOL

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